Tecno Air System to ensure the highest quality of its products, is committed to ensuring the efficiency of the entire production process, monitoring every function, to ensure that all products marketed, meet the standards minimum standards enshrined in the relevant provisions.

ISO 9001:2015

Since 2017, Tecno Air System is ISO 9001:2015 certified. To ensure the quality of its products, the company is committed to maintaining the maximum efficiency and transparency of the production process, carefully monitoring, step by step, the design, production, suppliers and organization to its own internal. In doing so, the company strives to ensure the end consumer, efficient, quality and safe products.

EN 16647:2016

As a market leader in the bioethanol sector, to ensure the maximum safety, efficiency and quality of its products, it is committed to ensuring that stoves and bio stoves are checked and tested, to ensure compliance with certain safety standards enshrined in the law.

EN 1860/2

To ensure the end consumer has an optimal bbq with exceptional results, we ensure according to strict quality tests the entire supply chain of production and distribution of charcoal according to the legislation en 1860/2.