Business quality policy

The organization of Tecno Air System Ltd., in the person of Giacomo Buonanno, as Director, with the present
document, aims to focus on all the business functions involved, suppliers and customers, the guidelines
Quality Policy, which are understood to be operating from now on.
Below we provide a general description of some of the most relevant guidelines related to the structure and its
The management of Tecno Air System Ltd provides guidance and guidelines to all departments so that they can work
complying with the legal requirements and good laws with the subject:
– The management of health and safety in the company;
– Management for Business Quality;
– The corporate Core Business;
– The Total Quality System, aimed at a complete satisfaction of staff, customer and
– Environmental protection, in line with the law.
The management of Tecno Air System Ltd. also deals with the individual business strategies, in close collaboration
with the other functions, with the aim of developing, managing and improving the following activities:
– Commercial process;
– Purchase management;
– Production and delivery of services;
– Development of new products;
– Marketing of new products;
– Personnel management;
– Correct and transparent financial and budgetary management;
– Finding and managing technological resources;
– Warehouse logistics management.
In detail, the principles that you want to make known with this writing, represent an indication of which
are the purposes and logics that will form the basis of the Quality Management System that the organization intends to
make it operational.
They can be summarized as follows:
a) Customer-focused attention. It is the organization’s primary choice to always operate with the intention of
meet the customer’s requirements and expectations, whether they are explicit or implied;
b) Management according to logical bets on the effectiveness and efficiency of processes, whether they are considered separately
instead, they are transversal and preparatory to each other;
c) Risk assessment detected during the course of individual processes and related measures for its management;
d) Continuous improvement of business performance: process, product or related to other factors
however, they are considered strategic for the organization;
e) Integration with other systems operating in the company, especially those that regulate
Workplace Health and Safety. For Tecno Air System Ltd, there can be no quality of
process and product without ensuring an adequate safe working standard;
f) Improving the management of the business climate and the relationship between the parties that make it up,
customers, suppliers and the social fabric on which Tecno Air System Ltd. has an impact with its
presence. It is in fact crucial for the organization that the SGQ is a springboard for a
growth that not only affects economic aspects but encompasses the full range of relationships.
This document is produced on the date below and represents a first input to which the
Management hopes all parties involved in SGQ will be able to contribute.
The Organization has its headquarters in Via Piovega, N° 10, in Pieve del Grappa.
It entrusts the outside part of its processes, in detail the production and part of the design.
Pieve del Grappa, (TV), 01 May 2018
The Management